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The test for Wet Room Doors consists of a cyclic sprinkling of the opening surface of the door leaf takes place in a special test stand. Each of the 48 test cycles consist of 4 minutes spraying with “warm” water and 26 minutes of drying.


After the test the door leaf is examined for effects on the general planarity, the water absortion and the moisture expansion as well as any visually detectable damages. The usage of Wet Room Doors are recommended for internal rooms and areas with an extremly high humidity. Examples for damp and wet rooms are for example in sanitary facilities, shower rooms, sauna areas and indoor swimming pools, sports halls, hospitals and hotels.


The door leaf construction (filling, edges and top layer) of Wet Room Doors does not consist of wood or wooden materials, but unexceptionally of moisture-resistant materials. As top layer only HPL sheets are used, because veneer would due to hyproscopicity (its characteristic to soak up water) macerate and therefore rip open the finish.

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