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Metin Nergiz Design Atelier was founded at Siteler / Ankara / TURKEY



First abroad project was completed


Metin Nergiz Design Atelier officially turned into a family-owned business by changing its name to NERGIZ DECORATION Design Industry Trade & CO.


With a view of satisfying the production of specific doors in the wood application area “DAFADOOR” was incorporated as a trademark within NERGIZ DECORATION. Due to its expanding structure, company relocated to Çubuk / Akyurt district,which also involvesthe airport.

Nergiz Group treasures the legacy of the past 40 years as turning the route to the projects, which aims not only to build up breathtaking interiors but also foster the spirit of venue users. Nergiz Group combines global reach with local understanding. Our teams have no geographic boundaries. We have construction sites all around the world, which means that clients everywhere benefit from a team of experts with both international perspective and an intimate knowledge of the regions where they live and work.


The firm moved into a new production plant, which had been completed regarding the needs of the modern times and the production capacity was increased by 40%.


DAFADOOR DOOR & FURNITURE Industry & Trade Ltd. CO. became a corporation within the Nergiz Group.


In order to meet the different production measurements, encountered in the field of furniture packaging, KARA KUTU PACKAGING Industry & Trade Ltd. CO. was established. The Firm still serves to the other companies in the sector.


Online furniture company RON (Republic of Narcist) established.


Nergiz Decoration Ltd. Co. turned to incorporation "INC".


We are celebrating our 40th year in industry.

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