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Dafadoor, established in Ankara, is specialised in producing a wide variety of door designs compatible with nearly every architectural style.The Firm provides great range of interior and entry doors that have been designed and manufactured to bring beauty, satisfaction, lasting performence and value to the project. Dafadoor not only produces sophisticated interior and extrerior doors but also concantrates in progressive and certified door concepts, in the field of fire safety and sound proof. The Firm`s production process depends on ``No Fire No Sound`` philosophy. During this process special fire doors have been tested and certified according to the latest BS, EN, DIN and GOST standarts and meet the highest isolation criterias. In various projects such as hospitals, hotels or business centers sound insulations are indispensable in order to provide a comfortable living and working area. The sound isolating doors is superbly applicable for those manufacturing processes where noise reduction up to 48 dB are being required.Dafadoor features that only limit fort he application of sound insulation, is the limit of the designer. In these distinct specialism fields Dafadoor can be relied on a long term experience to different engineering skills.

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