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DAFADOOR doors of types with or without glasses, manufactured in confirmity with Din 68706, are being used inside or outside of the Houses, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels and Administrative Buildings, and they can be installed to steel sheet and wooden cases of any type and dimensions.In the applications abroad, classification rules established inaccordance with the locations,where thedoors are used,and with the properties of thedoors are also applied in our manufacturesin exactly the same manner.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



*Pressed chipboard and plywood doors and cases ready for painting,

*Veneered and pressed,and rustic doorsand cases, *Massive doors and cases,

*Pressed sliding doors,

*Special doors and cases

*Fire-resistant doors and cases,


The doors and the cases are not influencedfrom the head and other effects by meansof our advanced experience and manufacture technology if obeyed the maintenance andpainting rules. Our manufactures are being used by the most distinguished firms of our country in the constructions at home and abroad.



Our firm is always ready for your service with its technical staff and documentation.

*Informatıon about installation,

*Architectural documentation,

*Door section,

*Technical advise,

*Architectural advise


When required,the dimensions of the doorsand cases, the manufactures of which shallbe taken by our firm.The materials used in our manufactures areof 1 st class and the manufactures deliveredare warranted.


After taking the delivery of the doors, during the period elapsed until they are installed and during the painting process, the following subjects should be considered.

*The doors should be stacked in the rooms with normal moisture (the mousture contentis below 65%), as horizontal on three pieces of wood blocks and in such a manner as not to absorb the moisture of the floor and the walls.

*The locations in new constructions, where the doors shall be installed,should thoroughlyby ventilated beforehand.

*Each coat of oil painting on the doors shouldbe applied on both sides.

*After the doors are painted,they should not be leaned against the walls and they should immediately be installed to their places.

*Installing the polished doors should be done after the other construction works are completed.



*The massive woods used in the doors (hardor soft wood)should atmost contain a moistureof 12%.

*Heat-resistant massive wood adhesive shouldbe used.

*After producing the massive part of the door,veneering shall not be made before 24 hours and veneering shall be of the same thickness with the massive part.

*Before the process of pressing,the air vents at the lower and upper parts of the doors shall again be opened.

*Veneering to be placed should not be wrinkledor dirty spot on the upper surface of the door,it shall be sauded with a hand carborandum before applying the adhesive.

*The adhesive shall be applied on the door witha roller or adhesive machinery at the rate 120 gr/m2.

*A pressure larger than 2.5 kg/cm2 shall not beused during the process of pressing.


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