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Dafadoor is one of the top 4 fire door producers in the field of wooden doors, with the appearance of standard door and frame products. These products are available in a variety of veneers, styles, cores and sizes, and all must be considered before the right door is selected.


No Fire No Sound philosophy combines highest protection and safety functions with various architectural design possibilities.


The Firm provides a variety of products which are certified, thoroughly tested by independent institutes and testing authorities, and protected by numerous patents such as BS, DIN, EN and Russian GOST standards.


In addition to the fire and sound insulated doors Dafadoor offers safety solutions in order to prevent or limit damage.


Fire and smoke protection; answers to the requirements and test criteria of fire doors and fire resistant glazing which are regulated in the standard DIN EN 4102.


In testing institutes, at least two fire tests are made with doors. The DIN EN 1634-1 is a recently introduced, tightened test standard for fire protection closings. Smoke control doors according to DIN 18095 hinder the passage of smoke.


The fittings of these doors have to be made of materials which guarantee that their functions are not affected up to a maximum temperature of 200 degree Celsius. Smoke protection doors are not fire protection closings according to DIN 4102.


Sound insulation and radiation protection; that is tested according to the standard DIN 4109 cover all requirements for air raid protection, subsonic noise, external noise and noise form technical installations.


Burglar resistance and bulletproof protection; are supported by The European norms for burglar resistance are DIN V ENV 1627-1630. All today known burglar resistant building parts such as doors or windows are covered within one product standard.


Certified burglar resistant building parts are categorized into six resistance categories. Bulletproof doors or glass panes are mandatory in banks, embassies, ministries and court houses. Bulletproof devices are also categorized according to their resistance (ballistic standard DIN 52 290).

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