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Metin Nergiz is founder of Nergiz Group. Metin is chairman responsible for project planning, Republic of Narcist and method development.


Graduated from university in 1980 along continuing his business life. His career proceed from designing boxes for electrical and electrical devices to home,office design and production. He saw that he couldn't get neither quality nor discipline he is seeking from the ateliers that he is working with. In 1980, he established his own humble furniture atelier in Ankara. He accomplished major projects with success and admiration that mostly consists of his own designs in dense and devoted years passing through.


In 1992, he got his first international project. By applying quality and timing right and top level his company became a wanted and desired company among the international designer project in short time. From this period on, his humble atelier transformed in to a factory that combines high tech and craftsmanship together. Provided added value and employement to Turkish economy with 150 domestic and 150 overseas Turkish workers.


He became hearing impaired after a traffic accident he had in 2009. From this long treatment period, he shares his own designs with RON (Republic Of Narcist) which established as a modern design collection brand and contributing Turkish design and furniture sector.

K. Can Nergiz is a managing partner of Nergiz Group. Can is  responsible for business development, marketing and project planning.


Has over 10 years of experience in interior design and fitout. Can was project manager in Kazakhstan Parliament Building and Jordan Armed Forces projects.


In 2010 he become managing director in the company Can Nergiz graduated from TED Ankara Collage then Bilkent University as a interior architect and environmental designer.


Can is fluent in English and Turkish; has working on German. Can is married and has two daughters.

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